All Clocks Repaired Rochester Hills Technician Discusses DIY Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather Clock Repair is intricate work which is better left to the expert to avoid serious damage


Rochester Hills MI – Fred Bartholomew, owner of All Clocks Repaired explains why he does not recommend DIY grandfather clock repair. He encourages owners of these valuable antiques to hire it done by a qualified expert! Fred is happy to share some basic information but he does not endorse DIY clock repair, especially with treasured antiques!

Taking proper care of the grandfather clock movements is very important. There are several types of grandfather clocks, which can make this a little confusing. Different rules apply to different clocks, especially those that are over 50 years old. Antique grandfather clock repair is delicate and intricate work that should only be performed by an experienced and knowledgeable clock repair specialist.

Grandfather clock movements are controlled by weights which provide the “power” for the time and chime functions. These weights must be properly balanced and aligned for the clock to keep accurate time.

The pendulum must swing or the hands can freeze. Unfreezing the hands is very delicate work and great care must be taken to avoid damage. The position of the pendulum can affect the accuracy of the time. Move the pendulum up or down to adjust the clock if it is running too fast or too slow. The moon dial is another component that will cause inconsistency if it needs to be adjusted.

According to grandfather clock repair technicians one very important issue that some people are unaware of is that the clock must stand on a solid, level surface. If the platform is not level, the grandfather clock will not function properly.

Most important, do not attempt to move the grandfather clock without help from a professional! Whether sliding it across the floor a few feet, moving it to a different room, or to a different location altogether, a lot of preparation is required to prevent damage.

Unlike many large clock repair companies, Fred provides free pick-up and delivery for grandfather clocks. Fred would rather fix the clock in the customers’ home when possible to provide peace of mind that their treasured antiques and precious family heirlooms will not be damaged during transportation. Visit to learn more.

About All Clocks Repaired: Fred Bartholomew began his formal clock repair training in 1971 at the Seth Thomas repair center in Dallas, Texas. He became a craftsman for the company that began in 1917. Fred has also worked as an associate of Raymond Weil who is considered to be one of the foremost clock and watch repair men in the world. From pocket watches and antique time pieces to grandfather clocks, all clock repair service is handled professionally with close attention to detail to keep time moving forward, accurately and precisely.