All Clocks Repaired Birmingham Expert Provides Solution to Cuckoo Clocks Cuckoo Problems

In spite of its name, it should only “go cuckoo” the right amount of times and at the appropriate time


Birmingham MI – All Clocks Repaired is the most recommended watch and clock repair service in the area. Owner, Fred Bartholomew, fixes all types of timepieces, from pocket watches to cuckoo clocks and the highly respected and majestic grandfather clocks.

The cuckoo clock is a classic timepiece that is usually regulated by a pendulum that strikes the hour with a sound like a cuckoo’s call as he emerges with each chime. The mechanism to produce the cuckoo call, installed in almost every cuckoo clock since the 18th century has changed very little.

The cuckoo clock is a beautiful and unique time piece that will keep good time when properly maintained. In spite of its name, it should only “go cuckoo” the right amount of times and at the appropriate time. Cuckoo clock repair should only be performed by professional, but here are a few troubleshooting tips for owners:

The cuckoo clock reads 5pm, but the bird chimes 7 times - The hands need to be adjusted

The cuckoo clock gains or loses time – Adjust the pendulum. It may be necessary to make one slight adjustment each day until the time is accurate. Humidity and room temperature can also drive the clock “cuckoo.”

Clock not running – Drafts from open windows, fans or heat vents can cause the clock to stop. Reset the clock by moving the minute hand back half an hour and then forward to the hour and then gently swing the pendulum. Kinks in the chain can prevent the weights from coming down properly.

The cuckoo won’t chime – Make sure the shutoff lever is in the on position

According to clock repair experts, the cuckoo clock is a wonderful and accurate timepiece as long as it is properly adjusted and cared for. Proper installation is also very important. The cuckoo clock must be level, from front to back and from side to side.

Fred Bartholomew warns owners against DIY clock repair to avoid permanent damage, especially with antiques that cannot be replaced. When the problem is not easily fixed with the above tips then trust All Clocks Repaired to restore the cuckoo’s “sanity” and keep time moving forward accurately.

All Clocks Repaired is locally owned and operated. Fred Bartholomew combines old-fashioned customer service with professional workmanship to provide quality service for most types of timepieces, from battery operated wall clocks to treasured antique cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks. Visit to learn more.

About All Clocks Repaired: Fred Bartholomew began his formal clock repair training in 1971 at the Seth Thomas repair center in Dallas, Texas. He became a craftsman for the company that began in 1917. Fred has also worked as an associate of Raymond Weil who is considered to be one of the foremost clock and watch repair men in the world. From pocket watches and antique time pieces to grandfather clocks, all clock repair service is handled professionally with close attention to detail to keep time moving forward, accurately and precisely.