Micigan Grandfather Clock Repair Expert Comes to the Rescue to Repair Westminster Chime Clock


The treasured timepiece inherited from Grandpa is a true beauty so the customer was most concerned about finding a clock repair specialist that could handle this valuable antique

West Bloomfield MI – Grandfather clock repair is more than just a hobby to Fred Bartholomew, owner of All Clocks Repaired. There are so many critical items one needs to be aware of before they attempt to work on a valuable antique clock. Only an experience technician knows how to prevent doing permanent damage to this gorgeous and often irreplaceable antique. Each moving part has its own function and just one very small missing piece will upset the time keeping process.

One of Fred’s recent customers inherited a Westminster chime clock from her grandfather. It was a beautiful piece so she was saddened when she discovered that it did not keep time accurately and the chimes didn’t function properly. When she asked a friend, who fixes clocks as a hobby, he talked about weights, hour strike, hammers, strike train and trip levers. This only added to her frustration because she had no idea what he was talking about. Though she usually has no problem finding a home service provider on the internet, finding an experienced antique grandfather clock repair man might be a different story!

According to the local grandfather clock repair expert, this is no job for the DIY enthusiast. When she called Fred he knew exactly what her friend was talking about as he explained that the Westminster Chime clock has many intricate moving parts that require proper installation, balancing and maintenance.

Fred went on to explain that the process of repairing the Westminster Chime Clock can be complicated and delicate, so he would rather come to her and work on the clock where it stands. If necessary, he would transport it to his shop, but it is always better to minimize the moving and keep it secure and level.

When the grandfather clock repair expert arrived he was happy to discover that only a minor adjustment was needed to get it ticking and chiming perfectly! All grandfather clocks require periodic maintenance, so he carefully cleaned and lubricated the parts and the customer was thrilled. Fred receives a Christmas card from her every year with a note saying the grandfather clock is still keeping perfect time.

All Clocks Repaired stands out from the competition by providing free pick-up and delivery for grandfather clocks. Fred would rather fix the clock in the customers’ home when possible to provide peace of mind that their treasured antiques and precious family heirlooms will not be damaged during transportation. Visit http://www.clockrepairwestbloomfield.com/ to learn more.

About All Clocks Repaired: Fred Bartholomew began his formal clock repair training in 1971 at the Seth Thomas repair center in Dallas, Texas. He became a craftsman for the company that began in 1917. Fred has also worked as an associate of Raymond Weil who is considered to be one of the foremost clock and watch repair men in the world. From pocket watches and antique time pieces to grandfather clocks, all clock repair service is handled professionally with close attention to detail to keep time moving forward, accurately and precisely.